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Monday, December 24, 2012

My Revised Opinion of Rap versus Metal

I created a post a while back, in the earlier days of the blog about my opinion of rap music. My views have changed a bit since then, and I felt it necessary to write out a post detailing my argument.

I can appreciate some aspects of rap, such as the poetic qualities of the lyrics and the skill it takes to mix a track. However, in general, genres like metal (REAL metal), ska, rock and punk take more skill to write, convey emotion better, and are generally of higher quality.

Here's a breakdown of some of the aspects of music, comparing rap and rock in each respect.


The "instrumentals" of most rap artists aren't actual instruments, they're computer generated noises. They're mixed to a pretty simple rhythm, often just 4/4 time. The most variation you'll get is maybe adding on another (thin) layer of sounds every few measures and a change during the chorus. For the most part it's just a loop of the same sound while someone raps over it.

The instrumentals of rock consist of (commonly) electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums, all of which take a certain amount of skill to play well. And since each instrument is played by an individual band member, it also requires the skill to coordinate with the other band members to create a good sound. This is particularly true for Ska bands, since Ska also includes brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones and saxophones. At any given time, there are a LOT of people playing, and since it's Ska, they're playing very fast, and therefore rather skillfully. While some of the smaller bands usually use simple time signatures such as 4/4, bands like Tool use extremely advanced time signatures called polyrhythms.


This is where rap gets the most credit, because this is basically all rap is. Rap gets points for rhyming lyrics and their poetic qualities, but that's pretty much all it gets points for. Rapping isn't singing, it's just like reciting poetry to a beat, so there's no need to have the skill of a good vocal range, only a decent talking voice. During most songs, their pitch stays pretty much the same as well, it's practically monotone. The emotion of the lyrics doesn't carry through into the music.

Unfortunately for rap, rock also gets big points in vocals. In terms of lyrics and meaning, rock is on par with rap, but in terms of emotion and vocal range, rock takes the cake. In rock, the singer is able to convey his emotion with the pitch and the volume of his voice, screaming out anger or agony, or smoothly singing out happiness or quiet despair. Rock conveys emotions that rap can never convey with its droning.

Live Performances

Rap artists have the whole stage to themselves during a performance, and often they use that space. Rap seems much better live because the artist can punctuate the ideas he's trying to get across with his motions. In terms of effects, there are mostly colored lights, backdrops, and pretty standard things for any performance.

Rock effects are essentially the same, because there's only so much you can do on stage, but a rock band's stage presence is drastically different. The whole band is up there, dominating most of the space on the stage, and they're all active, able to show their emotion through the music and through their motions as they play. The singer's presence is often most dominant, depending on the way the band sets itself up onstage. Because of the way that rock is able to convey more emotion, the singer is far more active, and far more fun to watch onstage than a rap artist.

To finish this off, I'm not saying rap is bad, I'm saying rock is better, and that's why I listen to genres closer to rock than I do rap. Rock takes more skill and more emotion than rap, and an equal if not greater amount of lyrical ability. Rock is better. Period.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stupid Shit we do in Psychology Class

My psychology class is a fucking party. Just thought I'd share.


The being that haunts your libido

I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Trickle-Down Economics Don't Work

In lieu of any better writing material, I'm going to explain why the concept of Trickle-Down economics is flawed.

The theory behind Trickle-Down economics is this: if the rich have plenty of money their wealth will circulate in the form of their industry. In theory, this is a very propserous system for everyone. The simple reason this doesn't work is plain old greed.

Lets take a look at the elite who are supposedly circulating their wealth. They do literally everything to AVOID circulating wealth. They take their jobs to third world countries so they can exploit impoverished workers and pay them less than the minimum wage in the USA. They find every loophole they can to pay less taxes, they donate to charity for the sole reason of public image, and they make cheap but overpriced products that we only buy because of their advertising.

This of course does not describe every rich guy out there, philanthropists like Bill Gates exist, but they are a rarity.

Andrew Carnegie had the right idea back in the industrial revolution. He provided quality products at low prices, paid his workers well, and when he died, gave most of his wealth back to the government. When you reach the top, your question shouldn't be "How can I gain more money" but "how can I use this money to contribute to and better society". Money isn't meant to rot in a bank somewhere, it's meant to circulate. Money is the blood that keeps the economy alive. If the money doesn't flow, the economy starts to die.

The best way for the rich to contribute to society is to bring jobs to the USA, or if they're adamant about keeping jobs in third world countries, pay the workers the USA minimum wage. If they start paying taxes and actively donate to charities for legitimate reasons, not just for public image. Even if the rich people do this, they will stay rich, they own giant corperations that pump out more money a minute than some people make in a year. They have so much money in the bank, they could quit their jobs and live off their interest alone.

Trickle Down Economics don't work. The reason in pretty much inherent in the name. The rich choke down the stream to keep "their" money to themselves. All the reaches down is a trickle.

Monday, December 17, 2012

On Gun Control

The recent tragedy in Connecticut has brought the multifaceted, vague, and generally convoluted subject of gun control to my attention. I quickly took a stand on it, but soon realized that my stance wasn't perfect, and I fell into a huge argument about gun control. Today I'm going to try and make some sense of this issue and generally organize my thoughts.

Lets start with the two extremes and work from there.

Banning guns completely is generally a bad idea. While they may be awful tools of death, they are needed in war, law enforcement and general defense. Without guns, we as a nation would either be conquered or fall into anarchy pretty quickly. The problem is this: Outlawing guns will make outlaws the only ones with guns. The law does not reach the lawless, and since guns exist, they will exist on the black market, available to criminals, but not to anyone else. It's pretty easy to see why this wouldn't work for very long.

Legalizing all guns is pretty much just as bad. The theory behind gun legalization is that if everyone has a gun, no one will commit crimes at the risk of getting shot by anybody. This would generally create a lot of fear and paranoia for everyone. Furthermore, complete legalization of guns would limit free speech. People get into heated arguments over their opinions all the time, and occasionally physical fights over them. Now give everyone a gun. You no longer have to agree with everyone because if you REALLY don't like them, you have the option to shoot them. Martin Luther King and JFK would have been assassinated a LOT sooner if guns were easily available, and we would have seen a lot more assassinations through the years if this was the case. You may have a gun with you, but they can still draw and shoot you before you can react.

A good quote describing this situation goes like this
"Guns should be illegal because criminals exist, but guns should be legal because criminals exist."

Now lets take a look at the Connecticut massacre. If you don't know the details, I suggest you read up before reading this next part.

The only person anyone can blame is the shooter himself. The one who obtained the gun illegally, shot his way into an elementary school and started killing innocent children. The mother of the shooter is not at fault, she was acting within the law. She was a gun enthusiast, she obtained all of her weapons legally, and trusted her children enough to teach them to shoot them. The next step up is the blame the gun control legislation. My current question is, where should we draw the line? The current legislation is that civilians with no link the the military can own semi-automatic weapons, but not fully automatic weapons.

 I am unwilling to pull the line any further back than pistols. Everyone with no violent history should be able to own a pistol for a home-defense situation. When I have a wife and kids in my home, I want to have the ability to defend them against any intruder. You don't have to kill them, it's just as simple to incapacitate an intruder with a gun as it is to kill them, it's all a matter of where you aim.

Semi-automatic weapons I'm a bit torn on. While I do want to defend the rights of everyone who legitimately owns semi-automatic weapons, such as gun enthusiasts, I cannot think of a situation, short of an army invading, where in individual would realistically need a semi-automatic weapon. I think a reasonable compromise would be to allow the ownership of these guns, but ban the ownership of lethal ammunition for them. Only allow the sale of nonlethal ammunition, or blanks. While this would not keep it out of the hands of  criminals with access to the black market, it would have prevented the tragedy in Connecticut. The shooter may have had the gun, but he wouldn't actually be able to kill anyone with it.

I suppose my position on gun control isn't actually gun control, but ammunition control.

Anyway, food for thought, post a comment and tell me what you think on the issue.

Techie Joke

I'm not dead, just lazy and busy, but mostly lazy. I'll try to get back to writing regular posts this week, but no promises.

In the meantime enjoy some dumb shit I made in class.

Nvidia graphics cards are the actual cause for global warming.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotlight on Games: Looming

Looming is a free flash game that can be found on most flash game sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds. It is a fairly simple game in terms of graphics and mechanics, but it goes deeper than most games in terms of philosophy, art, and story.

In Looming, you play as September, a man exploring the ruins of a place called Looming. You use the arrow keys to move around, X to interact with objects and C to open your inventory. You roam around, collecting artifacts to piece together the story of Looming. There are 9 endings to unlock, each varying on a set of items  or the time spent in Looming. 


In terms of story, this game has it all. It has a love story, a mystery, a tragic hero and opposing factions. The game starts off with September writing a letter to his lover; January, and every ending has a different letter written to January. This alone manages to give the world of Looming a melancholy feel, for whenever September leaves to investigate the ruins of Looming, he is away from his lover's embrace. The atmosphere of Looming itself is detached, mysterious, forlorn and despondent. As you wander through the wasteland of Looming, you discover the story of two peoples, and a beast called the OarBoar. The two peoples, the Lorem and the Seecha represent two different philosophies of engineering. The literal, focusing only on creating machines and the literal, observable aspect of the world, and the theoretical, focusing on subjects like mathematics, biology, psychology and physics, developing those theories, making calculations, but never actually building. Observing the interactions of these two factions is the OarBoar, possibly the only permanent resident of Looming, whose bones and messages are scattered across the land.

The art style of Looming is gorgeous. Huge gears, machines and temples left behind by the people litter the land, adding the the sense of insignificance and eeriness. The ambient sound effects are unnerving to say the least. They include gusting wind and strange voices chanting a forgotten language (which is actually the word "Looming" played backwards). The little birds that roam the landscape serve two purposes, to distract the player from the hard-to-see items required to find all the endings, and to add a sense of emptiness and barrenness to the world. I've never played a game where I felt so alone and desolate as this game. These stories, while simple on their own, are intertwined and complex together, they all effect each other. The poetic letters from September that mark each ending tie the endings together, and give the game a satisfying completeness. When you win, you don't want to stop playing, the beauty of the game is astounding.

Gregory Weir makes gorgeous games, I'm looking forward to reviewing more of them in the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Video Games are an Art

Yes. Video games are an art. Well why not? Cinema, originally just a means to entertain people is now an art. Writing, originally created to convey ideas, is now an art, and art itself originally fulfilled the same purpose writing did, communication.

Creating a true work of art takes an incredible amount of skill in all three of the aforementioned art forms. The ability to tell a story, but meld it with art, make it immersive and interactive, the ability to create an entire world is an incredible skill. I respect anyone with the ability to make a quality game. That's also why most video games are made by a whole team of people. The best games are made by several masters of story, art, design and music. All of these qualities come together to form a beautiful world for the appreciator to experience.

I hardly see making a video game as just making a product, it's much more than that.
When you make a quality game, you're creating an world, you're making people and environments that interact in unique and sometimes unpredictable ways. 

You know you've made a good game when it involves players emotionally, when they make an intimate connection with them and brings them to tears. Examples of games like that are Portal 2 or Bioshock. I'll be honest, I cried at the end of both of those games. Another excellent feature I love to see in games is dystopia. I'm a sucker for dystopias. I loved the books Anthem by Ayn Rand, Orwell's 1984 and Brave New World by Huxley. Dystopias fascinate me, and I would jump at any opportunity to experience one. Bioshock has definitively become my favorite games for these reasons.
Another excellent quality is atmosphere, the feel a game gives you. Whether it's tragic, rebellious or epic, the atmosphere is really what pulls a game together and makes it real.

This is why I'm going to start a weekly post, every Saturday (or Sunday, depending on my laziness), a spotlight on games. I'm going to choose a game that I've truly enjoyed, but with a few rules. To keep it interesting  I will NOT be doing mainstream games. Instead I'm going to look at flash games, obscure playstation games, indie games, retro games, mods, anything that hasn't received much spotlight. It's going to be a challenge, but it will give me an excuse to hunt around the places I've always wanted to go to find games I've never heard of, and hopefully ones I will enjoy. First Spotlight on Games will be this weekend, so stay tuned.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Election Aftermath

Oh fuck guys, it's time for politics.

My girlfriend brought the following issue to my attention. It seems a few thousand people in some of the more republican parts of the US want to secede from the country. 

Yes, this is real
Jesus people, we're living in a democracy, that means majority rules. Just because the guy you wanted didn't get elected doesn't mean you have to try and start another Civil War. You had eight years of that moron Bush, the man who put us into trillions of dollars of debt, then you blame Obama for it and we can't have eight years of him? 

For fucks sake, he's not going to ruin the damn country (any more than it already is). The president doesn't have nearly as much power as people are led to believe, the only way he could possibly get us into a bigger mess is if he just started spending again like Bush, and he's not, he's trying to lower the debt with higher taxes. Sure, no one wants to pay taxes, but they're necessary, they have to be paid, especially by the rich. Those of you who try and argue that "trickle down politics" is the best course of action, it's not, because the top 1% have boatloads of money, and the economy is still a mess, we're still in debt. The problem is that the top 1% is trying to hold onto their money, trying to spend as little as possible instead of creating jobs and circulating it. If the rich are doing their best to hold onto their money, how do we get it from them and back into the system? That's right. Taxes.

Like I said, no one likes to pay taxes. But look at Europe. Most of Europe is doing fantastic because they have high taxes and tons of welfare programs including free education, free housing, public transportation and  free healthcare. I wouldn't mind paying 40% of my income if I get those things, I would probably be spending that 40% on all that anyway. 

Then we get the idiots calling socialism evil. Yes it's socialism, but guess what, it works, and it works damn well. France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany are some of the worlds countries that are doing the best. They have the highest standard of living, no major problems with education, poverty or economy, and they, as nations, are overall more technologically advanced than us (for example, Germany has QR codes all over major cities for public transportation, something we don't have.) Socialism isn't evil, that doesn't even make sense. It's a political stance, and the most successful one the world has yet to see. 

Now I feel like I have to apologize for going on this rambling political spiel. I have some less angry posts planned ahead, I'll have one or two up during the week. Keep checking back.

Tell Your Friends

I'm working on a couple posts, and I'm going to start a regular weekly postings. (Hint, hint, it relates to the original topic of this blog). This place is really getting off the ground now. Tell your friends, don't forget to share the page. In the meantime, enjoy this nonsensical iPod background I made in like 10 minutes on Photoshop.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Dark Humor

As a realist, and a man of science (or so I like to claim), I make myself look at all sides of an issue before I make a conclusive decision about it. I do this in adherence with the theory of argument, that conceding points can make your argument stronger. While I do admit I am biased on some points and positions, I do my best to consider all viewpoints of any situation.

And when I say any situation, I mean ANY situation.

This mindset is the reason I can appreciate dark humor. Everything has a funny side, no matter how awful, sickening or depressing it is. I can find the humor in everything from dead baby jokes to 9/11. It doesn't mean I don't consider the countless deaths and brutality involved in the incident, it doesn't mean I don't realize the political and moral effects and implications it has. I consider myself a very moral individual. I abhor  injustice, ignorance, and needless bloodshed, but I also believe everything has a funny side.

Making jokes about these things is almost like an unconscious morale boost. It makes a stressful concept in the mind a little less serious, allows you to cope with it better, and it keeps you from being one of those morons that say "Someone might get offended at this so I'll get offended for them".

Yes there are people who were traumatized by certain events that should be kept away from dark humor. Yes there are people who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. Being a moral person, you have an obligation to avoid making insensitive comments around those people and to make sure no one is going to be offended before you crack a dark joke. That's just a general rule of "Don't be a dick". However, no one is forcing them to look at pictures of dark humor.

For example, I follow a few pages on Facebook including Derp and Not Listening to Lil Wayne. These pages post a lot of dark humor that I'm able to enjoy. The also post a lot of hate mail they get for the dark humor they post. If you don't like what they post, don't follow them. No one is forcing you to follow them. No one is forcing you to look at dark humor. You chose to like that page, and you can choose not to without being a dumbass. Dark humor isn't for everyone, but you have no right to spoil our fun.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Week's Warning

I'm changing the name of my blog to "The Opiate of the Asses" next Wednesday. That is November 14th. If you can't find this page anytime after then, use "", or Google the keywords "Opiate of the Asses blog". I'll also be working on some graphics for my blog, more updates to come.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Jew/Alien/Illuminati/Freemason Conspiracy

The Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons rule the world. They control all the banks and all the governments in the world. Obama/Romney/Any leader of any country is a Jew/Alien/Illuminati/Freemason. Israel is the home of the Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons and are in cahoots with the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Any rich family, who also happen to be Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons. I know this because I read it on a site with a black background, size 20 comic-sans font with lots of capital letters. I know this guy is telling the truth because he's just a normal guy like me who was contacted by a Jew/Alien/Illuminati/Freemason. He is now campaigning to reveal the truth the the world. 9/11 was also caused by the Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons. They also control our minds with chem trails and fluoride in the water. The moon landing was hoaxed because the Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons have a base there. The holocaust wasn't real, the Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons faked it all to get a hold on the worthless and inhospitable piece of sand and mountains known as Israel.

This is literally every conspiracy ever in one paragraph. Choose the one you believe in and stop believing in it, because they're all pretty much the same. If you single out one group of people/aliens and build an entire conspiracy around them, your conspiracy is wrong. If there is someone controlling all the world and all the banks, he's doing a pretty shitty job if you ask me. That's the one detail you all seem to miss. The world is in terrible fucking condition. If someone was controlling the world, we'd have alternative energy because there's no possible way the world can rely on oil and coal for much longer. If someone was controlling the world, there would be no global warming because Mr. In Charge would have realized that this would destroy the fucking world if he didn't do something.

I'm sure there's going to be someone that will pull something out of their ass like "The Jews/Aliens/Illuminati/Freemasons planted you" or "It's all a web of lies, there is no global warming or oil crisis". Let me remind you that no theory has been created without solid proof, and you HAVE no solid proof. If you say that I can't disprove it I'll say it's too roundabout and ambiguous to be disproved because of the amount of bullshit you came up with.

Here's a dose of perspective for you.
This is what you sound like.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Your life is fucking perfect. Shut the fuck up

The fact that you are reading this right now means that you are better off than at least 65% of the world. Why? 65% of the world has no internet access. If you have ten dollars in your pocket, you are part of the richest 25% of the world. Ten dollars. There are people in that other 75 percent that would kill for ten dollars.

If you think you have problems, you don't. You have a roof over your head, a family that loves you despite you being a spoiled brat, a comfortable space to sleep, access to unlimited knowledge on the internet, and education. Most of the world is far worse off than you are, they have things to complain about, you don't.

You can say it's all a matter of perspective, and in some cases it is. Having a huge test that you haven't prepared for is a pretty serious first world problem. Having your freedom of speech and freedom of press taken away by the government is arguably a fairly serious second world problem. Those are things that you can complain about. However, you probably don't complain about these things because you find more frivolous things to complain about. Things like "I hate my parents, they never give me anything I want" while texting on an iPhone 5 that your parents just got you. Things like "I've suffered so much, I can't take this anymore, I am calamity", when you're only 15.

Shut. The fuck. Up.

Be grateful for what you have for once in your pathetic life. Realize that your life is great and damn well worth living, so live it instead of wasting it away in your arrogant little cycle of self pity. It helps no one, not even yourself. You want attention? A better way than being a self-loathing whore is getting out and doing things for other people. If you want attention, make a name for yourself by improving the world. Sure it'll be for all the wrong reasons, but at least you'll contribute to society, and maybe you'll get some sense through your fog of imagined depression.  Take some goddamn initiative and make the world a better place so other people can be grateful for living. You have been born into privilege, so stop bitching and use that privilege.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Favorite Flash Loops





I will be adding to the list as I find more good ones.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feminists Need to Chill the Fuck Out

I was in an argument on feminism recently. It was with people I knew and respected and they knew that, or so I assumed. Before I get into too much detail, I'm going to outline my stance on feminism.

Yes, women have less rights than men, they make anywhere between 75 to 89 cents off a man's dollar, are often refused jobs because of their gender, and the republican party is trying to tell them that getting pregnant from rape means they secretly enjoyed it (I shit you not, more on this later though). Bad as these issues are, I believe our society is moving steadily in the right direction to fix these issues. Women are far more respected and far less discriminated than they were a few decades ago. Our current president is fighting for women's rights. In a few more decades, I'm willing to bet these issues will be practically nonexistent. 

I'm also willing to bet that that there will still be a ton of loud, angry feminists bitching all over the place. 

The aforementioned argument started like this. My friend posted a status completely supporting feminism saying that reverse sexism does not exist at all. I reasonably pointed out that sexism against men does in fact exist, although it may not be as prevalent as sexism against women. I respected her right to disagree, but continued to support my point. That's when shit started to hit the fan. All of a sudden, some of her other friends joined in and completely missed the tone of my arguments. I was going for calm and reasonable, how one should be when in a debate. Somehow they mistook that for angry and totally sexist. I was immediately stereotyped by them as the typical "white male" on a mission to oppress women. Here are some of the other points they made.

-One in three girls under 18 living in the suburbs get raped
-Rape is a calculated system designed by men to oppress women
-Males being forced to sign up for the US Selective Service is actually sexist against women, despite the fact that women can join the military voluntarily.
-All guys are constantly plotting ways to get into a girl's pants.

They would concede none of my points that included:

-Men often get the short straw in divorce cases in terms of child custody and child support.
-Innocent men have been wrongly imprisoned for raping a woman on little more evidence than her word.
-Only men are required to sign up for the selective service
-Women can make sexist jokes against men but men cannot make sexist jokes against women (a point I proved when I made a mild PMS joke after reading several "Men think with their dick" jokes.)

Eventually the argument turned into about five angry feminists yelling at me and my friend while we tried fruitlessly to tell them that their rampant anger really isn't helping their case. 

After discussing this with my girlfriend, she said that "They just need some chocolate and Ibuprofen".

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Word on 9/11

I suppose this is a good a time as any to start writing again.
Before I start, quick life update:
I got a gaming computer, which makes procrastination a lot easier. School has started once again, I got a job, my schedule is rapidly filling up. I've pretty much written about everything I wanted to originally write here, so posts are going to be a lot less frequent because I need to actually think of interesting, abrasive or thought provoking subjects to put here. But I am definitely starting up again, you can expect somewhat regular updates now.

First of all I would like to send my respects and condolences out to all who had lost someone to the 9/11 attacks, and to all who had lost their own lives, may they rest in peace. Also I would like to send out my appreciation to the firefighters and all who risked their lives to save others. It is comforting to know that the world is not filled with the corrupt, the ignorant, who would leave us dying in the rubble. I would hope that I would do the same as those firefighters, given the chance, but I have never been in a crisis like that. I've never felt the fear, the pain, the exhaustion or any of the circumstances those brave souls faced. I do not know what I would do in a crisis like that, I can only hope it would to comparable to the actions of those few brave souls who went, willing to give their lives, into the dark and dusty rubble for the sole reason that someone might need their help.

I do not know what I would do in a time of crisis but I can hope that it would not be what our government did. I am referring to the Patriot Act; a bill hastily passed through congress that allowed the government to detain innocents on nothing but suspicion without jury or bail. It allowed the governments to wiretap phones, invade our privacy, and essentially violate everything we have an amendment for.

What is it that sets us apart from them? Why are we the "good guys"? One can argue that our morals of freedom and justice make us a beacon of hope in the world for all those who have none. But what does it make us if we abandon those ideals so quickly and willingly in a time of crisis? What does it make us if we relinquish the very morals our country was founded on in pure anger and fear? Shouldn't we be better than that? The innocent people trapped in the rubble in the building were not saved because the firefighters abandoned their duty because they were too scared. Doctors did not save anyone by relinquishing the Hippocratic Oath and giving up out of frustration. In the same way, the country will not continue to be a beacon of justice and freedom if we give up those very values because of the whims of some misguided religious extremist.

I understand that those measures were taken to increase the likelihood of finding more potential terrorists, but at what cost? Do we let this paranoia rule us? Is the justice and freedom of innocents worth all this fear and inaccurate searching for hypothetical terrorists? Even if it MIGHT save thousands more lives, there are better techniques than violating our basic rights. Terrorists would easily find ways of hiding from this erratic searching, and attack us while our resources are focused on spying on innocents.

I try and live by my own morals, my personal code of conduct as best as I can. I wish I could say with certainty that I will never abandon it, but I cannot. But if a man can risk his life for the sake of another, this gives me hope that I might do the same. At least to me, our ideals are what set us apart from them, without those ideals, we're no better than the terrorists.

Food for thought. It just hit midnight, so I'm done writing for today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This shit needs to fucking stop

It's been a while since I've made a post, and I'm just about pissed off enough to write one.

Today I'm going to do a break down of everything that's wrong with picture:

I am tired of seeing this faggotry on my news feed. Justin Haggard and everyone like him are attention whores, they post unoriginal content for the sole reason of garnering likes and popularity. As proven in the recent Brandon Cyrus business, these people are idiotic hypocrites that don't even post their real faces or names. These are the people that are destroying the internet, aggregating content instead of creating it. I would write a rant on aggregating content but this guy has already done it.

The picture isn't even that fucking funny. The only reason it has so many likes is because Justin has already established himself this brainless fanbase that unconditionally likes every fucking thing he posts. This results in a vicious circle of dipshit reasoning. 

"Oh this guy's page has a lot of pictures that people think are funny, I guess I'll like it."
"Oh this guy posted a picture that isn't too funny, but because I like his page, I'll like this unfunny picture."

and repeat.
This feedback loop, combined with the ignorance and short attention spans of his "fans" has resulted in spammy, unfunny pictures cluttering up my news feed. Here's the problem, I can't even block him or anything because it shows up when any of my facebook friends like it. I can't unfriend them for obvious reasons, so there's no real way of blocking assfucks like these. 

And another thing

This OBEY trend is starting to get out of hand. I've been messing around with a concept in my art and writing called "Obey the Eye". It mostly consists of a surreal image of an eye with OBEY printed beneath it. Personally I think it's a pretty cool idea, and would work great in a book or as a political statement. Then someone pointed out that morons like these are wearing things like this. 

God. Fucking. Dammit.

Now I can't pursue the concept further without being stereotyped as one of these empty-headed sheep. 

Fuck you Justin Haggard, fuck you and all of your mindless "fans". You represent the one true evil in the world; ignorance. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You're not a man

The idea of "manhood" is being destroyed. Right off the bat, here's what a man should be able to do. He should be able to support himself  and a family, work on cars, make home improvements, and protect what he has built. The perfect man is someone who's built his life from the ground and is tough as nails. A real man could survive in the wilderness on his own for a week. Here's a picture of what a man should NOT be.

Let's take a look at what's wrong in this picture. 

1) Stylized hair. Real men don't give too much thought into their hair. They don't dye it, they don't style it. If they have long hair, it's usually pretty scruffy looking, if it's short hair, it's out of the way and less shits are given. 

2) Makeup. Eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, what have you. You look like a girl. A slutty insecure girl. Enough said.

3) Skinny as fuck.  People like this to fuck all in fights. People like this can't defend themselves for shit. It's no so much that they're usually out of shape fuckers, but it's more because they're scared of fucking everything. They act like girls when it comes to violence. They'd be scared of a fucking spider.

4) Emos try to be "deep", "edgy" and "mysterious", but end up looking like the faggot you see above. If you want "deep", read about quantum physics, study the Schrodinger's Cat experiment. That stuff is deep enough to keep you up at night for weeks.

I conclude this rant with the following. If any of these 4 things apply to you, man the fuck up and try to look like this:

"We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need."
-Tyler Durden, Fight Club

UPDATE 7/9/2012:

On self destruction, you're doing it wrong. Cutting yourself is not self destruction, it's a cry for attention. I'm all for self destruction if it's done RIGHT. Fight Club had the right idea, self destruction through violence. If you're going to go for self destruction, do it to work towards a goal; the goal of freeing yourself by hitting rock bottom. It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Jersey Shore is Killing a Hard Day's Work

Jersey shore sucks, I mean that should go unsaid, it's the simple truth. But more and more I've been realizing the true repercussions of its bullshit. Teens have always been lethargic and lazy, I am no exception. This has been apparent  even before Nirvana released "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Which is about teen lethargy you clueless fucks). At least beforehand, teens somewhat appreciated what hard work can get you. Today, because of Jersey Shore, and more recently, Project X, kids and teens are losing that value.

Simply put, you're spoiling your kids.

All I ever hear anymore is ways to skip out on work, ways to sneak out and party, ways to avoid your responsibilities. It's all about fun, ever about work. Don't get me wrong, nobody loves a good time as much as I do, but parties are breaks from work, not a lifestyle. Parties are a place to unwind after a long haul of work. Their rarity makes them better. If you have a party every other fucking day, they get boring, and you're not getting any work done.

Another thing, this lifestyle is destroying any sense of responsibility in the world. If you get too drunk, there are repercussions for your actions. Instead of just saying "Yolo" and going through with it, realize the true meaning of "you only live once", and you're shortening that one life of yours. Instead of using it as an excuse for doing something stupid, use it as an excuse for doing something responsible for once in your miserable life.

In conclusion, stop being spoiled, arrogant, irresponsible asshats and start contributing to society.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I just finished a debate and I wanted to write this while it's still fresh in my mind.

It's interesting how your perspective of someone can change so quickly. I was trolling a chatsite with Z͜͠͞a̧͠l̢͜g͟͡o̴͘t̶͏e͘x̀͠t̸̛ when someone identified by the letter D (and some other random dashes and shit) started talking to me. Originally I got the vibe that he was just another conspiracy theorist, he thought I was a demon, I called him out on being a dumbass, and he started talking about Atlantis. I continued calling him a dumbass, but then I got interested and we engaged in a pretty engaging debate.

I was extremely surprised when he agreed with my point of view, saying he needs to rebuild his theory. I realized how set in my beliefs we are, and how set I am. I know that I am right because I can prove it, to me, proof is everything. But I realized how closed minded I've become. He made a couple good points with the Bermuda triangle, I'm going to have to look into that.

As much as I hate to say it, the world needs more people like D, open minded people, even though I fucking hate conspiracy theorists. A necessary evil I suppose. I can only hope it's not too late for me to open my own mind.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Faceless, the story

I don’t have much time; I’m the last one left. My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX, although by the time you read this, my name will just be a row of Xs due to the strange effects of this fucking thing. It doesn’t seem to affect nicknames or pseudonyms, so I will refer to myself as “Origin”. This is my story.

            My friends and I dick around in school a lot, and since we’re all kind of techies, there is a LOT of dicking around in the computer labs. One of our favorite things to mess around with was this online app called “goggles”. It basically lets you doodle on other web pages, everyone with “goggles” can see it and draw on it too, or erase your drawings. It’s still available, just google “goggles”. The problem arose when the school’s tech staff decided to block it, just like everything else fun. They also recently found a way to render Tor ineffective so that wasn’t an option either. I swear it’s always a battle between us and those fun-hating asshats. Our only alternative was to find something different. At home, we were all in a Skype call, when my friend XXXXXXX XXXX (we call him “Chaz”) found something nearly identical to goggles, it didn’t have a name, but it let us to virtually the exact same thing. Without further ado we began doodling on each other’s facebook pages.
            Further into the night, I went on Chaz’s page to doodle something. When I looked at it, his profile picture was crossed out with a red X, I thought that was kind of weird, but I left it alone, figuring it was someone else messing around. We all eventually got off Skype and went to bed, preparing for another day at school. The day went by quickly; we didn’t have any classes in the computer lab so we didn’t get to use the nameless doodling app. When we got home, we all got on Skype again and continued our dickery with the doodles. After about an hour and a half, we started hearing something in the background of Chaz’s microphone. We jokingly yelled at him to turn his TV off, but he insisted it wasn’t on. The noise got louder, and through the distortion of Chaz’s crappy microphone, we recognized the noise as inhuman screams of pain and agony, then we heard Chaz scream, there was a blinding white light that flashed from outside. I ran to the window but there was no identifiable light source other than the dim street lights and the starry sky. I got back on Skype, and found that Chaz wasn’t in the call, nor was there any evidence that he had ever been in the call, or that his Skype account had existed at all.
            His Facebook was gone without a trace too, but the thing that scared me the most was this. On my profile there was a recent picture of the entire group hanging out at one of or favorite Mexican restaurants. It wasn’t too long ago, and we knew Chaz was in the picture, but he was gone. All of us were standing there, but Chaz wasn’t. Suddenly we realized this was no joke, we all agreed to meet at Chaz’s house as soon as possible. He only lived a couple houses down, so I was the first one there. I was horrified with what I saw.
            There was Chaz, lying face up on the front lawn; his body was arranged in an X, as if he was making snow angles. He had no face. Absolutely no face. He had no mouth, no nose, no eyes, just blank skin. I was still standing there, frozen with fear, when the rest of my friends arrived. I couldn’t help but gape, nothing had prepared me for anything like this. In a moment of clarity, I ran up to the steps of the front door and started banging on it. Chaz’s parents opened and I told them that XXXXXXX was dead on their lawn. They stared at me with confused faces. “Who?” they asked. I led them down to the lawn where Chaz lay; they said they had never seen this person in their life. I sat down, bewildered and scared.
            The police arrived on the scene soon after, autopsy revealed that he died from asphyxiation, probably from having no nose or mouth. They found that his skull was also solid and blank where his face should be, but behind it were the nerves, the throat and the windpipe in their respective places. They ran a DNA test, and found it matched his parents, but no birth certificate of him existed. The room we knew as his room was a broom closet. The authorities said that even the name XXXXXXX sounded foreign, almost Arabic, despite it being a normal English name like John or Charles. They told us it wasn’t a name.
            The next day at school, nobody but us noticed he was absent. Chaz literally never existed. We uneasily went through the rest of the day. When we got home, we checked our Facebook pages with the unnamed app. Sure enough; we found someone’s profile crossed out, just like before. This time it was XXX XXXXXXX, we call him “The Bomb”. We went on Skype and turned on the video chat. The Bomb armed himself with a knife from the kitchen and set his webcam to watch the entire room. Then we started hearing the screaming again. The Bomb’s microphone was much better quality, and we could hear individual voices. I swore I heard Chaz’s voice in there as well. Thinking quickly, I started capturing the footage from the video. The screams got louder and louder, and The Bomb grew visibly more on edge. All of a sudden, the stream got distorted, and a giant red fucking X appeared in the middle of The Bomb’s room. From the distorted footage of the stream, we could make out him backing away, then an X appeared on his face, he gripped something on his face, holding something as if there was an animal attached, he clawed at it before the X disappeared along with his face. Immediately he gripped his throat and his face, trying to claw out a hole to breathe through. Before long, he collapsed, then a flash of white light forced me to blink. That was the last I saw of The Bomb, alive anyway. I looked at the video I took, but found that the file was corrupted. Once again, there was no evidence that XXX ever existed. No Facebook, no Skype, and his parents insisted they didn’t have a child named XXX. His corpse was the same, found in his parent’s front lawn, faceless.
            Every day, one of my friends disappeared in the same way. Like I said, I’m the last one. That fucking X is going to appear any moment and take my face away.


Be patient

I'm currently in the process of writing some creepypasta, which I will post, I also plan to write a rant on ignorance later tonight. Stay tuned folks.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How I Judge People

Well I just finished reading a clusterfuck of creepypasta so I'm not sleeping tonight.

I go on a lot of chatsites because the mindless drivel there gives me material for this blog. Also, in case you can't notice the blatantly obvious, I enjoy trolling as a hobby. I don't judge people for no reason. I don't look at a random person and automatically throw them into one group or another. There are certain things I notice about people. Well, not so much as notice as have it shoved in my face.

Usually the first thing I see is a username. Your username says a lot. For instance my current (badass) username on Teenspot is Opiate_of_the_Asses. My previous names have been Milk_Aenima (as well as several variations of that name), Die_eier_von_lucifer, and Discustipated. I like the names that are suitably provocative yet have a bit of a twist to them (also, Tool). Most usernames I come across are pretty normal if not interesting or intriguing. That makes me think that the person behind that username is pretty normal if not interesting or intriguing.

Let's say you have a name like "H0rny_19f_princess69". I immediately think "fucking moron" and treat you as such. If it turns out that you're actually a decent person, I apologize and carry on. But this never happens because decent people don't make names like "H0rny_19f_princess69" unless they're mentally unstable, drunk, or trolling. Choose your usernames carefully, they count for more than you might think.

The second thing I usually see is what you contribute to the conversation at hand. For example:
Enough said. You get the point.

If you piss me off enough, I look at your profile, and these are the things I look for, although not necessarily in any meaningful order.

-Comments on you profile/pictures
This goes by the same principle of the username part. If the comments are actually conversational and not sexual/flirty in any way, then you get points on the decent scale. If not, minus points.

The things I look for in pictures are exposed body parts, specifically chest (for girls) and abs (for guys). I look for "artistic" instagram filters like sepia for example, and I look for duck faces. Depending of how many of the things mentioned you have, minus or plus points.

-"About Me" or Description
You get minus points if your description says anything about being bisexual below the age of 18, if you are below the age of 14, if your description has terrible spelling and grammar, or if the terms "yolo" or "swag" are anywhere in it.

That pretty much sums up what I think of you. If you don't match the description above, good job, we could be friends. If we ever meet I'll buy you a beer or something.

If you DO match the description above, get your filthy swag off my blog.

Monday, June 18, 2012

You are not a nerd

Once, the term "nerd" meant something, but everything changed when the hipsters attacked.

Today a nerd is someone who is somewhat into a subject that might be considered "intellectual", "fantasy" or "sci-fi". Today nerds are associated with thick rimmed glasses (also known as hipster glasses), and "cute shy guys". From what I can tell, this is because of the shows "Big Bang Theory" and "Glee". They have popularized "the nerd" into something it isn't. Hipsters are taking over this stereotype saying they are "book nerds" or "math nerds" or "star wars nerds". I've fairly certain most of those so called nerds have never even taken a look at a book more advanced than Harry Potter or Twilight, or perhaps they read Fight Club through once, then declared themselves well read. The trends change so quickly that a "book nerd" might become a "Gamer nerd" overnight because they downloaded Steam. 

And it isn't just hipsters that are perpetuating this trend. The other day I saw this on my Facebook.

I commented, asking him to stop aggregating this trend, he got angry and deleted my comments.


If you don't spend hours playing Dungeons and Dragons, don't get extremely interested in something for at least a month and stick with it, or if you wear those moronic thick rimmed hipster glasses, then you are not a nerd.


I've found a good definition of a nerd from someone who goes by the name DisparitybyDesign

"1. One who derives entertainment from deep, logical thinking and doing activities that require this..."

Original post by DisparitybyDesign can be found here.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rap is like having someone shit in your ear to a beat

I'm not much of a music guy, I only listen to about 4 or 5 bands, but I do recognize how shitty rap and modern pop is. I played classical and jazz piano for several years before switching over to singing, so I've developed an appreciation for the skill required to make good music. I've also realized how little skill it takes to rap. First of all, the music itself. Most of the time the "music" is just a beat to 4/4 time throughout the entirety of the song. No chord progression, no key change, every measure looks exactly the same, except for the chorus in some cases. The most complex chord structure might be a major seventh chord, but that's pushing it. The vocal part is completely monotone, and just shitty poetry about sex, drugs, money or violence. Hardly any of the content is thought-provoking or interesting in the least.

I heard someone say recently that the only thing worse than being poor is being rich and being like Kanye West.

Let's compare rap to music that I listen too. Like I said, I only listen to 4 or 5 bands. Those bands are Tool, Rage Against the Machine, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters and other tidbits of metal, rock, or progressive metal here and there. I can appreciate and enjoy the complexities of almost any genre of music with the exception of rap and modern pop. The song Schism by Tool uses advanced vocabulary, polyrhythmic time signatures, crescendos and decrescendos, metaphors, allegory and actual instruments, as well as actual chord progression. There's no slang and the song describes humanity's disconnection with spiritualism, and is pretty thought provoking. The song No Church in the Wild by Kanye West uses a simple time signature, the same measure of sound over and over again with some computer generated sounds here and there. He uses a mostly monotone voice, and describes riots, and to someone like me isn't too thought provoking at all. The most advanced vocabulary in that song is "monogamy". For comparison, Schism has the words "Mildewed", "juxtaposed", "dissonance" and "atrophy".

If you think Kanye West is smarter or more talented than any member of Tool, you're a moron.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You did not discover an alien plot to rule the world.

No, there is not a reptilian hierarchy holding sway over the galaxy. No, you did not uncover irrefutable evidence that aliens have visited the earth. No, the government is not silencing that article you published. You know why? Because you're a nobody. You're not a distinguished researcher, you're just some guy who put random sources together on the internet and drew a conclusion, not caring about the credibility of any of your sources. Anyone can just go and make up a story. What do you think Scientology is? It's just some guy that made up a story that millions of people now believe. You're no better. The fact that it's only you and maybe a few other people is just adding insult to injury. At least Scientology is (apparently) believable bullshit. Who the hell is going to believe you if you say something like "The Illuminati reptilian high-lords planted you to discredit me." If there was some Illuminati reptilian high-lord, they wouldn't even need me to discredit you, because you're a moron enough to discredit yourself. Do society a favor and shut the fuck up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Pro Marijuana legalization but Anti Drug users

I have a lot of principles I try to uphold. One of those principles is the freedom of personal choice. In the words of Bill Hicks "It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal choice." I find it ludicrous that alcohol is legal while Marijuana is not. Alcohol causes more deaths than AIDS or Tuberculosis, and is linked with domestic violence.  On the other hand, there is NOT ONE death related to marijuana. One study shows that you would have to smoke a few thousand joints in the space of 10 minutes in order to attain an overdose in THC. Marijuana has a relaxing effect on the mind, and while some studies show that it is mentally addictive, it is far less addictive than nicotine or alcohol. Cannabis is far less dangerous than other LEGAL drugs around.

Every single pothead I've met is either a moron or a douchebag. I would be completely fine with marijuana legalization if it wasn't for those arrogant asshats. They feel all high and mighty because they're doped out. I've seen crackheads thinking they're Gandhi because they think smoking a joint is "civil disobedience". I have yet to meet a smart crackhead. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but the only ones I know are either dropouts or have a GPA of 1.5. 

You morons frustrate me beyond belief. If you're wondering why marijuana is illegal, here's your answer: 

Switching Gears

This blog is going nowhere. I'm going to switch gears and change this to my general opinions page. I'll post programming stuff if I get around to it, but I've recently been less and less into programming and more and more into writing. I guess I'll take a Maddox-like approach to this and just post rants about things that annoy me or downright piss me off.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Not for the faint of heart.
Or maybe it is due to my crappy animation skills.
Regardless, here it is.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm working on a horror/adventure game in Flash 8 called Faceless. I am VERY satisfied with the direction it's going. I'll post an upload link as soon as I'm done with it.

WARNING: This has jump scares, not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've run into a bit of a writer's block, I've run out of ideas for games, and I'm falling behind in my schoolwork. Don't expect any new posts anytime too soon. I'll post as ideas come to me.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flash 8

It's been a while since I've made a post. I've been working with Flash 8 a lot recently. While it is a resource whore, it's easy to work with after a little bit of practice and there is unlimited possibilities. I've begun drafting a game called "Puzzle Mansion". It's pretty stupid and corny but it's a start. I'm mainly writing it to get acquainted with actionscript and the program. The one objection I do have to flash is the organization of the script itself. Since the program is design focused rather than script focused, it makes it harder to remember where you use certain variables and for what purpose. Flash does require a lot of organization and ti can get  cluttered fairly easily if you don't keep everything accounted for. The program handles this well with the symbols library, and it's easy to stay organized once you really get going.

However, I'm no artist, knowing this I made the protagonist of Puzzle Mansion realize this and remark on it several times. I'm now seriously searching for a partner who is adept in creating designs in Flash, or any similar program. My crappy art just won't cut it. I'm a writer, not an artist.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Rant on Spyro, why it's awesome, and why it makes me nostolgia hard

My first gaming console was the original playstation. We had a lot of games for it, in particular I remember playing a Rayman game designed for kids and Toy Story 2. But by far, my favorite thing to play was the original Spyro trilogy, back when Insomniac still owned the rights to it, and before whatever company bought the franchise and ruined it. The worlds were so imaginative, the music so fitting. It was the ultimate gaming experience. Back then I had no idea what I was doing, I would watch my sister destroy all the levels I could never  get to. Coming back to them and playing them, I'm still awed by the pure imagination and creation it must have taken to develop this game. Now I see all the little nuances that I missed before. For instance, in the very first Spyro game, (called Spyro the Dragon), the enemies go through stages of society.

In the first homeworld (the Artisans home world), the gnorcs (haha gnorcs) wear little hats, use wooden swords, and seem to live pretty simply it has an overall prehistoric feel to it. There's even Shepherds tending to their sheep (which are one of the most hilarious enemies to kill). In the next homeworld (Peace Keepers), the gnorcs seem to have discovered gunpowder, and use it to their advantage. The gnorcs in that world are dressed in civil-war era clothing, and mooned you if you turned your back to them (I'm not kidding, chase them into their tents, burn the tents and turn your back). The next homeworld (Magic Crafters) deviates from the pattern, and the gnorcs go back to a medieval age, where they practice magic, and ride animals as mounts. My favorite touch from Magic Crafters were the earth wizards that ran in panicked little circles when you got past their wall of earth.The next homeworld (Beast makers), the gnorcs have discovered electricity, and some of them are dressed in dark clothing with mohawks (The boss of the world is even called "metalhead"). The next homeworld, and my favorite homeworld, (Dream Weavers) doesn't fit this pattern at all, filled with faeries and jesters and things that grow HUGE when it's dark. The developers did an amazing job with this world, putting in a lot more mechanics that make the game that much more fun (and more frustrating). The final world (Gnasty's world), the gnorcs are in a modern age. One of the levels features a shipyard, where gnorcs are loading barrels (and throwing them donkey-kong style) onto ships while the mechanics guard the paths. Another level features gnorcs with grenades and machine guns wearing camouflage armor.

One of the best elements in the game was the music, and how perfectly it fit the level. One of the best examples of this was in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. The level called Hurricos is an industrial world with giant gears, tesla-like electronics and huge windmills. The music reflects the world perfectly, thanks to the musical genius of Stewart Copeland (The drummer legend of the Police). He did every song in the original series. Some notable examples are The Hurrico's theme, the Zephyr theme, the Dream Weavers Homeworld theme and the Ice Cavern Theme. I also found out that he did music for one of my favorite TV shows; Dead Like Me.

To finish off this rant, I just want to say how much the franchise has been ruined by pretty much everyone after Insomniac. While I understand that after 3 games, working on even more sequels for the same game would get extremely boring, no one could have done a better job than Insomniac did on the first three games. By far, the original Spyro trilogy, are the best Spyro games ever made.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Finally released

This release features finished items, revamped monsters, and an (incomplete) bestiary.

Python IDLE required to run it:

I've given a copy to Jared, he says he wants to see if he can add some graphics to it. If it looks good, I'll upload it. If it doesn't look good, I'll upload it anyway.

This is also that other project  I was working on: Doors. This is a freestanding .exe, no IDLE needed. Just download and run.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The internet is a living thing

The Japanese government signed a contract with a software development company to create a virus. This virus, instead of causing harm to computers, spreads and DE-infects computers that were previously infected with other viruses. Essentially this virus acts as a "white blood cell" of the internet, seeking out foreign infections and destroying them. Every day the internet grows and becomes more and more similar to a living thing. The amorphous cloud of servers and connections we know as the internet has "eyes" everywhere a camera connects. "ears" everywhere a microphone connects.

Hell this would make for a great sci-fi novel. The internet grows to big and so advanced that it becomes a conscious "living" thing. The government sends viruses to suppress it while activist groups spring up to protect it. Hackers turn psychologists and try to convince the internet to give away government secrets.

I would read that  book.

Friday, March 30, 2012


 Warning: The following blog post is me coming up with ideas as they come to me

An idea just struck me, an extremely fast paced math puzzle game, with points based on the amount of time it takes to answer questions.

No, even better:

An interview game, with different endings. You interview someone, and you have to choose the right combination of questions to unlock specialized endings. The main focal point of the game would be the story. Just asking questions is boring, but asking questions to find some dark secret, to pry out a story from a deranged mind. Maybe several characters, different view of the story. Maybe  MURDER story, you decide who's innocent. There would be no "right" ending, its all for you to decide, it would be about the doubt that you did the right choice, the UNCERTAINTY, and the endings would be modified with what questions you ask, and how much of the story you know. This is a huge game, maybe too much for me to handle, I might need help (wink wink Jared), but I love this idea, I'm looking forward to drafting it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bestiary

I'm currently working on the bestiary, the school internet doesn't let me access mediafire so I'm going to just copy and paste a section as a proof of concept.

print('Health: 100')
print('Damage: 25-80')
print('The goblin is a vile creature that makes its home in the swamplands.')
print('Highly territorial, small tribes of goblins are perpetually at war with')
print('nearly all nearby settlements. They are very slow witted, their culture')
print('glorifies war. Their intelligence lies somewhere between humans and apes')
print('as they are able to make simple tools and weapons. They are incredibly ')
print('weak, they live in fear of almost ever predator in the swamps. They hunt')
print('small animals and scavange the leftovers of other predators. Their stomach')
print('acid is very powerful, and they are able to digest nearly anything with few')
print('ill effects, if any. Their waxy skin is waterproof, but blisters easily if')
print('exposed to heat.')

This is a direct copy and paste from the source, I'll have one of these for each monster. Current priority list looks like:
-Finish Bestiary
-Create the class system
-Create the potion store
-Create quests

I also recently had an idea for Titles and Achievements, so that's something to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is not a suitable language for a text based game. I tried to be optimistic, but this isn't working at all. I'm sticking with python, I'm going to figure out how to use cx_freeze if it kills me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Apologies

I haven't posted in over a week, due to getting grounded and not really being able to use my computer. My progress on the game has been slowed indefinitely, I'm going to continue writing in Python because my laptop is being held hostage, and these awful school computers don't let me install Visual C++ express. As I continue to write this, more concepts are coming to mind, Titles and Achievements. Because C++ does not allow the storage of strings, the user is unable to input a name, therefore I will replace names with titles. What C++ also allows me to do, is include a save feature. When the game is released in .exe format, it will save your stats upon closing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Still writing...

Due to being crazy busy and rewriting the program in C++ is going extremely slow, I've decided to release the game I mentioned earlier; Doors. You can expect the release sometime tonight.

Just a hint, this game is best played with Google open in another window.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A word on Tor

Tor is a beautiful piece of software, it's possibilities are endless. It's compatible with virtually any browser (with the right addons of course) and grants you nearly impervious anonymity on the web. Next time someone tells you they're tracing your IP you can tell them "haha good luck with that". It's the internet version of a Kevlar vest with a middle finger painted on it, so you can be invincible and flip off your attacker at the same time
IP ban? No problem. Vidalia (Tor) allows you to change your IP address with a single button. Imagine going onto a chatroom/messageboard/online game, and do whatever you want, disregarding whether or not you get banned, piss everyone in there off. If you do get banned, one click, 60 seconds later you're back.

Tor is a gem of the internet, a monument to open-source software, up there with Ubuntu. It represents how the internet should be; free, unrestricted, open source.

Writing the program in C++ is looking more and more appealing. Having all the inputs as numbers limits user error, and makes it much easier to deal with. It would also eliminate the need for a full keyboard to play the game, the player would only need a number pad and an enter key. While the format for C++ is more complicated than Python, I could really use the experience.

Long story short:
Tor is awesome
I'm sticking with C++ (probably)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The drawbacks of C++

The problem with programming in C++ is that there isn't really a reliable way to input strings. Strings are a type of variable, but instead of assigning that variable a number, you assign it a "string" of letters, otherwise known as a word. In even simpler terms, a string is a variable that stores a word.

In C++, there is no such thing as strings. All data put into a variable is converted to numbers. The only variable that stores letters is the "char" integer, but it stores letters in the form of their ASCII code. (every character on the keyboard has a number assigned to it, known as the ASCII number).

If you were to store the word "test" in a char variable, and then you told the program to print the word, instead of just printing "test", you would get something like

C++ is a very useful language, but it isn't that useful for making text-based games. I can either continue writing the program in C++ and just assign number values to each character (for example, to choose an attack type, you would type in '1' for melee, '2' for ranged and '3' for magic rather than typing the words themselves.), or I can find a different language that allows the use of strings, maybe Java.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend is busier than I anticipated, and it's probably going to stay that way for at least a week. I'm grabbing any moment I can to work on the game but it just isn't enough. In two weeks time however, I'll be able to start getting more serious. I'll release what I have in Python on Monday.

In other news, my friend Jared expressed interest in working on another project with me. I will post more updates if something comes of this.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Writing this program in Python may be easy, but it isn't practical for what I have in mind. I plan to make this a freestanding text-based program, but currently I can't find any reliable way to convert .py files into .exe files. I've looked into things like cx_freeze and py2exe but it seems too complicated and impractical to use them. I've decided to change over from Python to C++. I will finish working on 1.0.1 in Python, but the next update after that will be DnD test 1.0.1 in executable format, written in C++.

In other words, after the next update after 1.0.1, you won't need the Python Shell to run this game anymore, it will be a freestanding program you can just double click on your desktop.

Also, there was a game I was working on for my Virtual High School class in Visual Basic. It's mainly a story-based game. I was going for something along the lines of Myst or the flash game Looming

 It's still mainly text based but adding graphics won't be much of a problem, and if I can find a good enough artist to capture the atmosphere I'm trying to convey, then yes I will most definitely add them. The game currently has one ending, I may or may not post a download link later. This game is also in .exe format so no unnecessary downloads needed, only the game itself.

Summary for this post:
I'm switching python to C++
I may or may not release another game.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just jotting some ideas down for possible additions to the game.

I'm probably going to scrap the store idea, and reuse the existing items for quests. Instead of buying items in the store, the player will be able to buy different potions. Some potion ideas...
-Healing potion, a MUST
-Buff potions for each class
---Potion of strength for melee
---Potion of accuracy for ranged
---Potion of Mana for magic
-Potion of swiftness (gives you an extra turn)
-Potion of Luck (Raises maximum and lowers minimum hit rating)
-Potions of (class) resistance

Also, Ideas for class system. For player classes, each class would have different attacks that would be unlocked as the person leveled up each particular class. There would also be "hybrid" classes, with abilities that would require points in two or more classes to be unlocked. Also, attack types. Right now there is no difference between melee, ranged and magic other than what items buff what. Some creatures might have resistance to melee, magic or ranged, making hybrid classes more appealing. Creatures will also have specific attack types, such as Poison, Fire or normal.

Saturday might also be an unrealistic deadline for 1.0.1. I'll just keep working on it and post what I have.

I'm moving Quests and the Bestiary up on the priority list, current priority list looks like...
-Finish Scripting items
-Rework creature HP/Attacks to match gear
-New Store system

Any other ideas any of you have I would love to hear, a lot of my ideas come from suggestions from my friends.

Quick update

Changed the inventory system so that it's much easier to see what's equipped and what's unequipped. I will have version 1.0.1 available for download by the weekend. Still working on finishing the items, I might not have time to change the power of the monsters.

Monday, March 5, 2012

DnD Test version 1.0.1

I'm currently working on 1.0.1. This version will include
-Slightly more user friendly interface
-Items for every creature
-Strong enemies

The reason for the last update is that with all these new items, the player's power will grow very quickly, and the player would be able to take on expert level monsters with only medium level gear. I'm raising the HP and attack for all creatures.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I'm an amateur programmer, I've been playing around with Python a lot. I currently know Visual Basic and the basics of C++. From my messing around came a DnD type game I call Arena. It's purely text based because I have a fetish for text based games. My friends seem to like it so I decided to make it available to the world, and I will track it's development through this blog. It's current version is called DnD test, because that's really what it is. It's very rudimentary, very simple. It also has a lot of inside jokes, including a couple secret enemies. You need the Python 3.2 to play it.

The download link can be found here.

Python Shell

The current version is DnD test 1.0
There's a long list of things I would like to add to it, mostly suggestions from friends. This is the current list of upcoming features, in order of priority, and how much time it will probably take

-Finishing all the items (gonna take many hours of work)
-Finishing the store (Maybe about an hour)
-Quests (with more items, solid 3 hours)
-More advanced class system with different attacks
-Monster Classes
-Strategy Guide

I'm always open to new suggestions

Also this is my friend's blogger, he writes short stories